Current Perspectives on Gill Health

Infectious and non-infectious gill disorders are well known to cause significant and often far-reaching consequences for salmon farming operations. Branchial pathologies can cause not only direct mortalities but also affect growth performance, the response to other health and welfare challenges, and the ability to successfully manage sea lice. As the economic impact of gill disease becomes better understood, research into both the pathobiology and management of gill disease is also gathering pace.

Join our panel of expert speakers who will share current information on field experience, diagnostics and research of gill diseases in Atlantic salmon aquaculture

June 10, 2022

09:00 – 11:00 UK
10:00 – 12:00 Norway



09:00 (UK)
10:00 (Norway)
Welcome introduction
Chris Matthews, Business Unit Director of PHARMAQ Analytiq, UK and Ireland
09:10 (UK)
10:10 (Norway)
Gill challenges in North of Norway - Practical implications for fish health management
Mattias Bendiksen Lind, Havet, Norway
09:25 (UK)
10:25 (Norway)
Gill challenges in the South of Norway - Experience from 2021 season
Hanna Sæteraas Bjerke, Åkerblå, Norway
09:40 (UK)
10:40 (Norway)
Gill Swabs and Preventive Gill Monitoring
Angela Ashby, Head of Clinical Services, PHARMAQ Analytiq, UK
10:05 (UK)
11:05 (Norway)
Gill health in Nowegian farmed Atlantic salmon
Liv Østevik, Veterinary pathologist, PHARMAQ Analytiq, Norway
10:25 (UK)
11:25 (Norway)
Results from field monitoring of gill health in freshwater and seawater - is there a correlation?
Svein Alexandersen, Senior Manager Commercial Field Vaccines, Therapy and Technical Equipment, PHARMAQ, Norway
10:45 (UK)
11:45 (Norway)
How to move forward and solve the gill challenges
Renate Johansen, Global Product Manager, PHARMAQ Analytiq, Norway
11:00 (UK)
12:00 (Norway)

Christopher Matthews, Business Unit Director of PHARMAQ Analytiq, UK and Ireland